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Make the Most of Your Season


The first six months of 2011 are almost over and the summer season is upon us.  Here is some great advice to help you make the most of this upcoming summer season:

1. Use the Rezgo Point of Sale to keep track of phone and walk-up bookings.  This ensures that your inventory is always up to date and allows you to print accurate guest lists and booking reports.  Here is a video tutorial to help you learn more about the point of sale.

2. Use promotional codes to drive new and repeat business. Entice locals to try your service by offering a locals only promotional discount.  It’s easy to validate by using the billing address on the booking.  Make sure the promotional code is only available through local channels like a local newspaper, Chamber of Commerce, or coupon book.

3. Make it easy for local businesses to refer business to you. Use referral ids to track bookings from local hotels and businesses.  It’s easier than you think to set-up and the benefits of the extra word of mouth marketing are great.

4. Don’t forget to ask for reviews. Make sure you let your customers know to write a review about your business.  You can ask them to post a testimonial on your website or link them to your page on a review website.  If you have a Facebook page, you can ask them to leave their review there as well.  Be sure to install the Facebook Review application.

5. Use your Facebook page to interact with friends and family. Share what you are doing with your fans and let them participate by asking your questions and asking for suggestions.  People enjoy participating with businesses who have a human face and a personality.  This is where your business can really shine.  Have fun with what you do, after all, is that your business, to give people amazing experiences? Be sure to install the Rezgo Facebook App so you can display your tours and activities on your Facebook Business page.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to include them, it would be great to share some success stories.


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