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Rezgo Updates

Security and Payment Processing Updates for Rezgo


We have just released a major improvement to Rezgo. Although for many Rezgo members the update will seem invisible, the importance of the update cannot be understated. In this latest release, we have completely rebuilt the payment processing services that power your ability to accept payments through Rezgo.

Enhanced Security

Credit card processing is now handled by a dedicated processing service that is completely separate from the Rezgo platform.  This dedicated system uses advanced tokenization techniques and security best practices to protect customer credit card data and to ensure the highest level of data protection.  This new processing infrastructure ensures that the Rezgo system no longer transmits or stores any customer credit card data even though the payment process is still seamless to the customer. The new payment processing platform will also allow us to integrate new payment gateways more easily meaning that we will be able to support more global payment systems in the future.

New Web Payments form on Rezgo

Better PayPal Express Payments

PayPal is the most popular payment processing service used by Rezgo members.  With the implementation of the new payment processing service, we have now integrated an in-line payment process for PayPal Express Checkout.  This new integration of PayPal allows PayPal merchants to accept payments for bookings in real-time rather than post booking.  This means that payments from customers will be confirmed at the time the booking is made.  Real-time PayPal payments means that more merchants can accept PayPal and credit card payments through PayPal without having to wait for the customer to pay via the PayPal website.  Customers will also receive a confirmed booking and their voucher right away.  Instant payment with Rezgo and PayPal Express Checkout means lower cancellations and faster payments for your business.  The new PayPal Express Checkout uses the Digital Goods method and is only available in certain countries.  Before setting up your PayPal integration be sure to read these instructions on setting up your PayPal account with Rezgo.

PayPal Configuration Settings

Web & Back-office Manual Payment Methods

You can now add manual payment methods that are available on the web and/or back-office.  This means that if you allow your agents to pay via invoice, you can set “Invoice” payment as a back-office only payment method.  The manual payment methods also support an additional input field which means that you can ask for additional information when a customer selects a manual payment method.  This is useful if you wish to accept gift certificates or prepaid vouchers as a payment method online.  For example, if you have sold discounted prepaid vouchers you can create a payment method called “Prepaid Voucher” where the customer can enter the prepaid voucher number in the space provided.

Manual payment method settings

Comprehensive Payments Coverage

Rezgo now supports more payment gateways than any other tour or activity operator software on the market.  Besides supporting three different integrations of PayPal, Rezgo supports payment gateways in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Asia, Israel, and Africa.  This means you get paid the way you want and in real-time using your own merchant system.  All existing Rezgo members will be automatically upgraded to the latest version of their payment gateway.  Check out our list of currently supported payment gateways.

Lots More in the Pipeline

As you can imagine, a major update like this takes time to deploy.  We have been working on this update for some time and, as a result, some of the features we had planned to release at this time have been pushed back to a later release.  We are working to get caught up all on all the features we wanted to have out so watch for an accelerated release cycle.


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