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How to Drive Local Growth and Bookings Using Google Business Profile (Updated for 2024)


Want to get your tour and activities company on the map? Local search is a complicated ecosystem, but one service stands out: Google Business Profile.

Formerly known as Google My Business, Google Business Profile (GBP) is one of many directories in the complicated web of local search options, but it’s one of the biggest, reaching everyone who searches with Google or Google Maps. Taking control of your GBP listing is an important step in building your business locally.

Check out our article on local search for the basics of spreading your NAP, securing citations, and taking your place in the local search ecosystem.

Claim your listing

Because Google strives to be a comprehensive resource, your business may already exist on GBP– even if you’ve never created a listing. Either way, your first step should be to claim your business listing. Don’t rely on generic or inaccurate listings to bring you new guests.

First, sign up with Google Business Profile for free. Search for your business name and address. If a listing already exists, you can claim it — even if it’s already been claimed by someone else.

Otherwise, you’ll need to enter information about your business. Be sure to make it as complete, accurate and consistent as possible. Google offers guidelines and policies for accurately representing your business that you may want to look over.

Once your business is claimed, start the verification process as soon as possible. Google may send you a PIN by post, so have your staff keep an eye out for the postcard.


Most local search directories source reviews from TripAdvisor, Yelp, and other popular review sites. Not so with Google. Because it uses its own rankings, you’ll need to encourage your guests to rate you on yet another site.

It might be a good idea to share your Google review link in your review request emails, though you’ll need to weigh the review platforms that matter most to your business.

It might not be necessary to direct all your review requests to Google, depending on how much local competition you’re dealing with. Just a few positive reviews can make your company stand out.


Because Google Maps users can upload their own photos to your GBP listing, it’s difficult to control how your business is represented. There are two steps you can take to improve the situation, though.

– Upload your own photos. The more high-quality photos you include with your listing, the less weight an assortment of user photos will have.
– Watch for photos that violate Google’s policies. Photos that include spam, harassment or explicit content aren’t allowed on GBP listings. If someone uploads something inappropriate, flag it for removal.


Posting on your profile is a great way to make your profile seem lively and current, and to keep customers updated on promotions, new inventory, and other exciting opportunities.

Those posts can also link back to your website, online bookings, newsletter signups — whatever you want to highlight. Just avoid including information that’s already part of your business profile, because Google may reject posts that duplicate content like phone numbers and business addresses.

Posts do expire, so they require regular upkeep, but it’s a good way to draw local searchers to your deals.

Things to Do

You can also share your tours and activities on Google using Google Things To Do, which integrates with booking software like Rezgo. Book a demo or talk to us to learn more about how to get your tours and activities on Google Things To Do so they show up on Google Maps and Google Search, along with your Business Profile.


Accuracy is important for any local search directory, so you should definitely take care to keep your listing up to date. Inaccurate or inconsistent information can negatively impact your Google rankings.

Unfortunately, with GBP you can’t assume that your listing is fine just because you haven’t touched it recently. Anyone can suggest edits to a Google Business Profile listing. As well-intentioned as that feature may be, it opens businesses up to having their listings targeted by spammers, scammers and competitors.

While Google should inform you of any changes to your claimed profile, keep an eye on it for unapproved change suggestions and be sure to reject any inaccurate updates.

Your tour and activities business deserves to be in the spotlight for anyone searching in your area. With a little effort and attention to your local search listings, you can make that happen.


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