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How To Attract Travellers To Your Blog


Check out these 5 tips for attracting travellers to your blog.

1. Produce High Quality Content

This means producing content that is:

  • Visually-appealing: Content that is visually-appealing is easier to read. Including pictures and videos will really bring your blog posts to life.
  • Concise: Produce content that is easy-to-read. No one wants to read an huge essay on why you should travel. Keep is short and simple.
  • Consistent: Produce content frequently and consistently.
  • Relevant: It is so important to produce content that your customers will want to read. Otherwise you’ll have trouble keeping readers interested in your blog.

Action Step: Read other bloggers travel articles to get an idea of what a high-quality blog post looks like.

2. Post Content Strategically

Running a successful blog isn’t just about writing high-quality content. You also have to be strategic about your tour operator content marketing efforts.

Action Step: Use tools like Google Analytics to keep track of the times you should post, which articles are doing the best, and who is viewing your articles.

3. Use Social Media

Social media is a great tool for getting the right kind of people (travellers) to visit your blog.

By using platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook you are able to harness a community of like-minded individuals and let them know about your blog.

Using social media increases your chances of getting the right kind of people to visit your website and, hopefully, the right kind of people booking tours or activities.

Action Step: Search Facebook and Instagram for the groups that your ideal audience is most active in and then post your articles in that group. Search things like popular hashtags, keywords, and trends that travellers are following.

4. Be Genuine

One of the keys to running a successful blog is writing content that is genuine. Readers are able to sense if you know what you’re talking about and if the article has a natural flow.

If your authenticity shines through, then readers are more likely to trust and like your brand.

Action Step: Write about what you know and thoroughly research the topics you are unsure of. This is the best way to come across as genuine in your articles.

5. Look In the Right Places

If you’re looking for travellers,  don’t post your articles on beauty sites.

Research your traveller’s favorite websites, social media platforms, groups and communities and post your content there. This will increase the chances of your blog being seen by the right people.

Action Step: Ask to do a guest post for a travel influencer and take advantage of their large network of travellers.


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