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Tourism Best Practices

Get No-Shows Under Control With These Pre-Tour Emails


Tired of dealing with no-shows? Rezgo makes it easy to take one of the biggest steps in keeping your customers’ attention: sending reminder emails before their booked tour or activity.

If you’re going to schedule automated notification emails and SMSes in the hours, days and weeks leading up to an event, one big question remains: what do you put in those messages to make them worth your guests’ time?

1. Open a dialogue

You don’t need to predict a guest’s every need to be a good tour provider. When you remind a guest of an upcoming event, let them know how to reach you if they have any questions. That way, you can take care of any nagging concerns that might keep them from showing up on the big day.

If your automated emails come from an unmonitored address, don’t forget to include a reply address or social media links, or your customers will be sending their questions into the void.

2. Share important reminders

Your tour descriptions may include all the necessary details about pick-up, drop-off and other important details to remember, but it’s best not to assume that your guests actually remember (or recorded) any of it. Help out your less-organized guests by sending the most vital information out in a pre-tour email.

3. Send out a waiver

Save time on the day of the tour by having guests sign your liability release waiver in advance. With Rezgo, you can collect waiver signatures online, and you can easily send them out to guests by email or SMS.

4. Prep a pre-tour checklist

What can guests do to have the best possible time on your tours or activities? Should they bring sunscreen? Is there a great place to stop for lunch on the way? Have fun with building an ideal outing or stick to the basics.

5. Offer weather tips

In the final days before an event, the weather forecast should be fairly settled. If inclement weather is expected, guests will be starting to worry about what will happen to their booking. Get out ahead of any fair-weather guests by letting them know exactly what to expect.

6. Add on some add-ons

While customers might write off an email promoting an unrelated tour or event as spam, it’s always nice to know about the ways you can make your tour experience better. Paid add-ons won’t appeal to every customer, but give them the chance to decide for themselves, and remind them about their upcoming event in the process.

7. Paint a picture

You’ve already booked this customer, so you’re done selling the tour to them, right?

Not quite.

No-shows happen for a variety of reasons, but under many of those reasons, you’ll find the same problem: boredom. All of the ways you lit up a guest’s imagination when they booked have now faded, and other, more immediate or urgent issues have taken their place.

The pre-tour email is one final opportunity to remind the customer why they booked in the first place. Give them a taste of that excitement, a peek at the gorgeous vistas or impressive architecture they can expect to see, the adventures they’re about to have. Bump those thrills back up to the top of their thoughts, and leave them with no room to consider backing out.

Adventure awaits — all you need to do is remind your guests that they want it.


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