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5 Tips to Improve TripAdvisor Reviews


Looking to grow your small tour or activity business by using TripAdvisor? Improve TripAdvisor reviews for your tour or activity business with these 5 easy tips!

1.Provide Top Quality Service

Always provide your customers with top quality service and you’ll be sure to get great reviews.

2. Stay Connected With Your Customers

Make sure you communicate with your customers before, during and after the tour or activity.

Staying connected with your customers shows them that you care about the quality of their experience. Furthermore, customers feel like they are a part of your business’ community when you include them.

All of this will encourage customers to return the kindness and write a high-quality review for your tour or activity business.  

3.Encourage Reviews

According to a Tripadvisor study, if a company doesn’t have reviews, it’s considered to be a less trustworthy resource to viewers.

Encourage your customers to post high-quality reviews to get some credibility.  But be careful not to send all your customers to TripAdvisor though.  Once TripAdvisor has your customer details, they will market directly to them.  It’s recommended that you gather Verified Guest Reviews with your customers directly and use TripAdvisor as a secondary review source.

4. Keep Up-to-date

According to a Tripadvisor study, Tripadvisor influences 13% of international travel and 8% of domestic travel.

Therefore it is extremely important to keep all your contact information up-to-date so that customers can reach out to your business if they would like to book an experience with you.  

5. Respond To Your Reviews

Responding to your Tripadvisor questions, comments, and reviews is not only a great way to learn where your business needs to improve, but also shows your customers that you care. Be sure to respond personally and professionally to all reviews, both good and bad.

Check out Tripadvisor’s article on how to add management responses to Tripadvisor’s traveler reviews.


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