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Increase Online Bookings

5 Simple Ways to Build Trust Online


Online bookings are increasingly the main way customers connect with tour and activity providers, but booking online does require trust. Here’s how you can build trust into every part of your company’s online presence.

1. Request online reviews

A whopping 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their friends. The single largest vector for building trust is online reviews, so it’s incredibly important to encourage customers to leave them.

The process is simple: Follow up with customers to leave reviews, respond to them as needed, and always keep your cool when complaints arise.

2. Interact on social media

The most successful online brands have strong social media personalities that they maintain in every interaction. Take burger restaurant Wendy’s, for example:

A little attitude might go a long way, but don’t feel that you need to cultivate a hip, millennial-friendly online brand to succeed. Wendy’s’ real trick to success is interacting with customers on their level, and you can do that without a bookmark to Urban Dictionary. Just don’t be afraid to communicate online, and be willing to let your customers know that you care.

3. Have a professional, trustworthy booking website

In an age of data leaks and identity theft, booking online can be a bit scary — but not when a company has a trustworthy booking website. Using a PCI-compliant booking solution that takes security seriously (like Rezgo does) means your customers don’t need to be nervous when they book with a credit card.

Not only is that one less hurdle to traverse in earning customer trust, it’s also a benefit for you. When your booking platform has top marks for security, you don’t need to spend as much time worrying about the safety of your customers’ data.

4. Hold on to negative feedback

Moderating your online channels is an important task — you don’t want to let your Facebook page become a breeding ground for hate, after all. But deleting every bit of criticism won’t make customers trust you more, it will make them extremely suspicious.

Create a social media policy that protects your employees from harassment and protects your business from defamation, but avoid stifling all criticism. Customers understand when they’re looking at too much of a good thing — a few (well-handled) complaints are better keep new customers from drowning in a sea of praise.

5. Show your human side

New customers want to be certain that they’re booking with genuine companies that really exist, so don’t keep yourself too out of reach. Using real people in your marketing is one way to give your company a trustworthy human face. You can also use real names (or first names, if you’re concerned about safety) in email support messages and social interactions.

Your company is made up of passionate people who want to give customers amazing experiences, so show that side online. The Internet can be an impersonal place — so make it a little warmer, and earn your customers trust in the process.


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