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Social Media Cheat Sheet

use this social media cheat sheet to figure out which social platform is best for you

Check out our social media cheat sheet for a breakdown of all the pros and cons of different social media platforms.

Name Description Active Monthly Users Pros Cons
Facebook A platform where users can create profiles, post news, and interact with other users.  Companies can create brand pages to engage with followers.  Advertising is also available. 1.79 billion
  • The social media leader
  • Most popular platform
  • Great for brand exposure and customer relations
  • Highly saturated with brands and competitors
  • Not SEO friendly
  • Many Teens and Millennials prefer other platforms
Instagram A platform where users post pictures directly from their mobile devices.  Corporate engagement is limited to sponsored posts. 500 million
  • Highly visual platform
  • Simplicity of scrolling through content
  • A favorite of  Teens, Millennials and Generation X’ers
  • Highly creative photograhy is required to engage audiences.
  • Limited one-on-one engagement available
  • Increase in advertising posts push out organic posts
Twitter A micro-blogging platform where users can send tweets of up to 140-characters. 317 million
  • Instant real-time content
  • High engagement with customers
  • Useful for customer service interactions.
  • Crowded with content
  • User growth is lagging compared to other platforms
  • Large follower drop-off rate – due to users over-posting content
YouTube A video-sharing platform that allows users to post videos, follow other video bloggers, and engage with them. 1 billion
  • Highly visual platform
  • Great for building your brand
  • Travellers have high engagement with video.
  • Requires that you create compelling video content.
  • Difficult to re-direct users to your website.
Snapchat A photo and video-sharing platform that allows user to send 10 second videos or images that delete after 10 seconds. 150 million
  • Extremely popular among teens and millennials
  • One-on-one engagement available
  • Attracting content creators
  • Becoming a better ad platform
  • Customers can really take a look into your business operations
  • Limited to 10 second videos
  • Content doesn’t last.
  • Requires high engagement.
  • Users can feel spammed with content
  • Difficult to track Snapchat analytics
  • Harder for baby boomers to use
Pinterest A platform where users can share their interests or generate content. 150 million
  • Mostly women users, but men users are increasing
  • Very popular for travel inspiration
  • Recently implemented a “buy button” which is great for businesses
  • Highly visual
  • Great for finding inspiration and influencers
  • Limited one-on-one interaction
  • Limited to certain categories
  • Must use high-quality photographs

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