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How to view desk open and close history

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To view the opening and closing history of a desk, navigate to the details page of that desk.

Under Open/Close History, you can see the details of the desk’s openings and closings.

Click any row to bring up a record of that open or close.

Here you can see any discrepancies. You can also print the opening or closing record for your files. Finally, you can enter details about bank deposits.

Desk Reports

For more details about specific desk counts, navigate to Reports in the main menu.

Under Desk Reports, you’ll find the following reports:

  • Stock Counts: Product stock counts made during opening and closing of desks.
  • Payment Counts: Payment method counts made during opening and closing of desks (make any necessary adjustments to payment method counts here).
  • Cash Reporting: Cash counts made during opening and closing of desks.
  • Payment Deposits: Payment method deposits added to opening and closing records.
  • Stock Movement: Opening and closing stock counts with sales details.


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