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No, Rezgo does not store credit card numbers or CVV2 numbers. Doing so is against PCI regulations.

Rezgo does not support manual credit card processing by capturing credit card data in the system and then manually processing the transaction through your terminal or processing machine. Doing so through Rezgo is a violation of our terms. It’s also a violation of PCI regulations and most merchant agreements.

If you want to take credit card payments through Rezgo, we recommend using one of the many payment gateways we support.  With payment gateways, data is sent directly to the merchant process and is not stored.

But Rezgo competitors allow credit card information to be stored in their vault. Why can’t Rezgo?

If other systems are storing or emailing credit card data, then they are in violation of PCI regulations.  As a result, if you use their system and a security breach or compromise occurs, you may face heavy fines or have your ability to accept credit cards permanently revoked.  At Rezgo, your safety and the safety of your customers is one of our primary concerns. Using Rezgo ensures that your credit card security is done right.