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Release Date: May 14, 2024

New Features:

  • Price Tier with Resources: You can now attach specific resources to each price tier, giving you more flexibility to customize and manage resource-based offerings. This makes it easy to offer a variety of resource-backed tiers for a single option. For example, your customers could pick between different sizes of a particular rental option.
  • Meta Pixel Tracking: You can now set up Meta Pixel tracking for your website to track user interactions and gather critical analytics for Facebook advertising campaigns. This can be set up under the Analytics Codes section of the General Settings page.


  • Move Item/Date: The price points will now be automatically adjusted when you change your booking to a different option or date using this feature on the booking details view.
  • Pick up Locations: You can now set pick up location as a required field in the checkout flow on your website and on the POS. This is set under “Option Settings” on the Inventory option page.
  • Location Templates: You can now set up location specific templates for Per-Booking Ticket, Per-Guest Tickets, and Merchandise Voucher. This can be set up under the Location Templates section of the Locations Details page.
  • Payout Detail Report: You can now generate a report for a list of paid out bookings for a specific date range.
  • Ticket Report: A new column for when tickets expire has been added.
  • Booking Owner: The “Owner” filter on the booking details edit view now includes name, username, and email.

Other Changes to note:

  • Group Information fields will no longer be displayed or saved for bookings with more than 100 guests to prevent performance issues. If you need to record detailed information for more than 100 guests, please split them into multiple bookings.
  • The “Max Amount” for each price tier is now visible on the POS view, allowing you to see the maximum quantity that you can book for each price tier based on the remaining availability for that option or tier.
  • Various minor layout improvements and bug fixes.