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Release Date: March 6, 2024

New Features:

  • Booking Availability Holds: You can now enable booking availability holds to enhance the checkout experience for your customers and to have an additional safeguard against overbooking issues.
  • Refund Protection: We’ve updated the look and branding of our third-party Refund Protection service (formerly known as TourShield). Refund Protection is currently only available on supported gateways.


  • Settings Page Layout: We’ve enhanced the layout of our Settings page by categorizing sections more effectively to provide a more organized and intuitive user experience.
  • Booking Cutoff (minutes): You can now set booking cutoff times in minutes, giving you greater flexibility in preparing for your tours, activities, or experiences.
  • Contact Syncing: Changes made to email addresses and phone numbers in the Contacts section will now automatically be reflected across all associated bookings. This will ensure the continuous connection between the contacts and their respective bookings.
  • Bookings Report: A new cancellation column has been added to the Bookings Report to maintain consistency in calculations for the overall total and balance, matching what is displayed on the booking details view.

Updates to note:

  • You can now more granularly manage permissions for refunds, voids, and transaction deletions separately. Use the “Refund Transaction” permission type to control user access to do refunds and voids, and the “Delete Transaction” permission type to manage their ability to delete transactions.
  • The minimum and maximum setting for guests per booking has been updated to apply to POS bookings. This is set under Advanced Options when creating or editing inventory options.
  • The “Get a Value” checkbox that requires adding a comment when using manual payment methods now applies when adding a transaction on the back end.
  • A new setting has been added to make transaction comments visible on the Booking Details page and the “Print Receipt” view, as well as on the Order Details page and the “Print All” view. This setting is available in the Booking Management section of the System Configuration page.
  • The permission “Del transaction” under Reconciliations has been renamed to “Refund Transaction”. While the name has changed, the functionality hasn’t changed. This permission allows users to process refunds on reconciliations.

Other changes:

  • The Time Zone selector on the Welcome Page and the General Settings page has been updated to automatically adjust for daylight savings time changes.
  • Support for searching by the “External Code” field has been added to both the Inventory and POS sections.
  • Additional direct links to the Order page have been added to the Booking Details view to streamline navigation to the booking’s order. They are available under the “View” button next to the “Order Payment” line and in the Payment section.
  • The “Use Order System” setting in the Purchasing section of the System Configuration page has been deprecated. Recent updates to the system have made this setting obsolete.
  • The “Distribution Fields” section on the General Settings page has been deprecated. This older functionality has been superseded by recent updates to our third-party integrations.
  • Various minor layout improvements and bug fixes.