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Release 8.9

in Change Log

Major Features:

  • Per-PAX waiver support
  • Inventory option base notification support
  • Front-end price sheet support
  • HTTPS on all front-end pages


  • Added shell validation prior to void queue insert on Disney shell.
  • Added CSS to display days of week on selected date under the calendar on tour detail page.
  • Added CSS to display availability counts along option name under the calendar on tour detail page.
  • Added min=”0″ to PAX input fields on tour option page and view order page.
  • Added HTTPS support on all front-end pages.
  • Removed widget-new directory.
  • Added front-end option on price sheet detail/add/edit.
  • Added support price sheet for front-end.
  • Added support price sheet for contents widget.
  • Added selecting inventory options per custom notification at notification settings.
  • Changed status label from auto/manual to active/inactive on notification detail/add/edit.
  • Added sending inventory option base notifications in commit query for FE/POS new bookings.
  • Added sending inventory option base notifications for FE status change by PayPal full payment.
  • Added inventory option base notifications support on bookings list, booking detail.
  • Added inventory option base notifications support on booking and order status change (including owing 0 case by ‘add transaction’)
  • Added inventory option base notifications support on queued notifications.
  • Removed active/inactive toggle for waiver page and terms page on templates settings.
  • Added waiver type on inventory item detail/add/edit.
  • Added retaining waiver type when restoring deleted inventory item.
  • Added ‘link to waiver’ button on inventory item detail if per-PAX waiver item.
  • Added default waiver text.
  • Added per-PAX waiver support to bookings, commit, sign and waiver query.
  • Added per-PAX waiver support on order summary page, receipt page, waiver page.
  • Added printable waiver page. (hidden)
  • Added per-PAX waiver support on POS booking.
  • Added per-PAX waiver info when adding new PAX.
  • Added per-PAX waiver info to group section on booking detail.
  • Added per-PAX waiver sign and pre-signed waiver attachment on booking detail.
  • Added clearing per-PAX waiver when duplicating booking with per-PAX waiver item.
  • Added support for per-pax waiver signing in checkin view.
  • Added waiver type and waiver signed date to manifest.
  • Added option to opt-out TourShield on general settings. (hidden)
  • Added TourShield option element to company query.
  • Changed updated Iframe resizer.
  • Added warning message on Products if no data.
  • Added + button per day on calendar view that directs to POS with date.
  • Added access type to access list/add.
  • Added blocking livechat from CID 18707.


  • Fixed missing ‘converted to’ flag on contract booking when guest payment is 0.
  • Fixed Edit button disabled on locked notification detail.
  • Fixed warning message for deleting contact custom field.
  • Fixed getting blank page when clicking attached contact on POS by booking agent.
  • Fixed button info on POS book panel swapped by applying a promo code if multi order tabs open.
  • Fixed unique name check with no-visible field on custom field setting edit.
  • Fixed ampersand in custom SKU causing xml error by booking search query when booking complete.
  • Fixed items specified in price sheet not shown on POS.
  • Fixed misleading error caused by block size.
  • Fixed not be able to complete FE order with custom form adjustment with CC method. (missing card token)