Support Articles


  • Changed updated Google map key. (POS, booking edit, order edit)
  • Removed Google map key from geocode API on inventory item.
  • Added service provider to metadata for product bookings.
  • Added service provider display on booking report for products.
  • Added waiver toggle on product add/edit/detail.
  • Added checking waiver use on products on order waiver prompt on POS.
  • Added waiver button on order detail for products.
  • Added price revert on products booking.
  • Changed number of variant display on products list.
  • Changed SKU column showing as variant UID instead of variant SKU on booking report for product.
  • Changed reworked adjustment report to use variant ID instead of adjustment link.
  • Added update timestamps on desk, location, and user.
  • Removed geo tag map, social account, classification, and commission rate from company profile setting on vendor.


  • Fixed stock adjustment on local not shown on stock adjustment report.
  • Fixed stock adjustment with full QTY not shown on stock adjustment report.
  • Fixed username missing on stock adjustment report for support user.
  • Fixed line items not re-calculated when price changes reverted.
  • Fixed incorrect variant recorded in activity log when adjusting stock.
  • Fixed gifting convert flagged incorrectly when adding to existing order.
  • Fixed ‘print all receipts’ on order detail being hanging.
  • Fixed QTY showing differently on ‘adjust stock’ modal from product detail in certain case.
  • Fixed getting blank page when completing POS order with product with quote.
  • Fixed contract partner meta info missing on converted booking detail.
  • Fixed notification email for cancelled booking via Expedia API.