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How to request marketing consent during check-out

in ContactsSettings Tags: Contacts DetailsContacts ListGeneral Settings

If you want to add customers to your mailing lists, you’re required to get explicit consent under GDPR, the CAN-SPAM Act and other privacy regulations.

You can request marketing consent when your customers during the front-end booking process. First, navigate to Settings > General Settings in the Rezgo main menu.

1. Toggle Marketing Consent to active under Other Settings.

2. Click Save Changes.

To check whether a customer has consented, visit Contacts in the main menu. A customer who has consented to marketing will have a checkmark next to their name.

You can also see whether a customer has consented by checking under Details on their contact page.

When you export your contact list, customers who have been opted in will be noted with a “1” in the Marketing column.


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