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If an inventory option has multiple pricing bundles that might overlap, it’s important to ensure that they trigger in the right order. For example, if you have a bundle price for 4 adults and a bundle price for 3 adults, the 4-adults bundle will never trigger if the 3-adult bundle always triggers first.

To avoid this, bundles should be arranged so the larger bundle triggers first. Bundles will trigger in the order you list them, top to bottom. In this example, both bundles will trigger correctly when their conditions are met:

If they’re swapped, Family Price will trigger first, so it will be applied any time two adults and one child are booked, including occasions when three adults and two children are booked. Rather than Family Bundle 2 being booked, the extra adult and child will be booked at full price.

To change the order of a pricing bundle, navigate to the inventory option’s edit page.

1. Click and hold the arrow icon beside the bundle and drag it to its new position.

2. Click Save Changes when you finish organizing your bundles.