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If you have a collection of pre-determined ticket IDs that you need to attach to new bookings of specific options, you can create ticket pools to associate with that option.

For most activity providers, ticket pools aren’t necessary. By default, Rezgo automatically generates ticket IDs for new bookings. You only need to create a ticket pool if you have specific IDs from outside the system that need to be assigned–for example, if you’re reselling tickets for a supplier who provides you with a list of approved ticket numbers.

To create a ticket pool, first, navigate to Inventory > Ticket Pools.

1. Click Create Ticket Pool.

The Create Ticket Pool button is next to the Manage button in the header of the Ticket Pools section.

2. Give the ticket pool a name (1). This is the name you’ll select when you attach the pool to an inventory option.

The first section contains the Name field, followed by Description and an Active toggle.

3. Add a description so you know exactly what this ticket pool is for (2).

4. If you don’t want the ticket pool to be usable immediate, toggle Active off (3).

5. Enter your available ticket IDs separated by commas, spaces or new lines. These are the ticket IDs that will be assigned when anyone books the associated option.

Ticket IDs can be pasted into the large text field beneath the TIcket ID heading.

6. Enter email addresses (5) for anyone who should be alerted when your ticket pool drops below a certain number of available tickets.

These go in the Email Addresses field under the Alerts heading.

You can define that number by entering it in the Threshold field (4). If you leave this blank, alerts won’t be sent out.

7. Click Create Ticket Pool.

Once you create a ticket pool, you’ll need to attach it to an inventory option.