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Rezgo has integrated with the Expedia Supplier API which allows Expedia to check your availability in real-time and send bookings directly to your account.

Set up with Expedia

In order to connect your Rezgo account to your Expedia account, you must already be a Expedia partner.


At the time of writing, Expedia is not currently accepting new partners for their local experts program. If you’d like to contact them or learn more, you can visit their program website:

Connecting Rezgo to the Expedia Supplier API

  1. Once you have signed up with Expedia, you will be assigned a representative who will help you with your account.
  2. Contact your representative and let them know that you would like to connect to your Rezgo account using the Supplier API.
  3. Expedia will contact Rezgo to map your tours and activities and enable the API connection. The time this process will take depends on Expedia availability – they should give you an estimate of what to expect.
  4. Once Expedia has mapped your tours and pricing, Expedia will contact Rezgo to get an API key for your account.
  5. Rezgo generates an API for your account and sends it to Expedia.  The API key can be found in your “API Keys” section on your Settings > Integrations.

Note that once your account is connected, you will need to update your Expedia account whenever you add or remove tours or activities from your Rezgo account.  In order to avoid issues with mapping, it is recommended that you set-up your tours and activities on Expedia so they closely match your tours and activities in Rezgo.


  1. Bookings imported through Expedia and other distribution partners are billed at the back-office/point-of-sale transaction fee rate.
  2. Rezgo does not create an API Key to for your account without a direct request from Expedia.  If you did not request a direct API connection with Expedia, you need to contact your Expedia representative.