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Now that your Rezgo site is set up and you have added some inventory, your customers can book your services online. Let’s take a look at the customer booking experience.

When a customer clicks on a link or a “Book Now” button on your marketing website, they’ll be directed to your Rezgo-powered booking website.

The list page is the first page your customers will see, depending on how they’ve arrived. It shows all the inventory items you’ve set to appear. You’ll notice that list includes the images you uploaded as well as the names, descriptions, locations, and starting prices of your active inventory items.

The list page also has a date search which allows customers to search for available inventory by date range. Once the customer finds a tour that they are interested in, they can click either the thumbnail, name or details button to go directly to the details page.

The details page is designed to provide your customer with all the information they need to make a booking decision. All the information that you enter into Rezgo is sorted and displayed on the details page, including the photo gallery, map, and social bookmarks.

In the upper right hand side is the booking calendar which allows the customer to choose from available dates. Any dates that are available are displayed in blue, unavailable dates are grey, and fully booked dates are orange.

When a customer clicks on an available date, they are presented with a list of available options. In this example, there are two available options. The customer can choose from either one. Once clicked, the page is refreshed and the available price levels are presented. The customer enters the number of people per price level and clicks Add to Order to continue. They can either edit their order, book more, or proceed to the secure booking page by clicking Proceed to Checkout.

On the secure booking page, the customer completes the guest information page for each guest (if required) and then continues to the payment page. The payment page shows the total amount owing and (if a deposit is required) the deposit amount owing. The customer completes the billing contact information and selects a payment method. Finally, the customer has to check the “Agree to terms” box before completing the booking process.

Once their order is complete, the customer is presented with a booking confirmation and an email is sent to their email address confirming their booking that includes a link back to their web receipt and ticket.

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