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Rules let you define pricing and availability based on specific conditions. For example, you can create a rule that lets you set day of the week availability for your inventory items, or a pricing rule that changes your pricing based on a date range—useful if you want to offer your low times at a discounted price in order to fill seats.

There are two parts to any rule:

  1. Rule conditions—these define the criteria under which the rule will take effect.
  2. Rule actions—these are the outcomes of the rule, like pricing or availability changes.

To create a rule, select Rules from the main menu.

  1. Click Create Rule
  2. Enter a name for your rule. In this example, we’ll create a promotional code and call it “Promo Code 1.”
  3. Enter a description for your rule. We’ll use this promo code to decrease prices, so we’ll describe it as “10% discount.”
  4. Click Add New Condition to bring up the rule conditions menu.
  5. Click ‘Promotional code is…’
  6. Enter a unique promotional code, using only letters and numbers—no spaces or special characters.
  7. Enter the maximum number of times you’d like your code to be able to be used.
  8. Click Add New Action to bring up the rule actions menu.
  9. Click ‘Set all prices to…’
  10. Select Decrease in the first selection box, then enter 10% in the remaining boxes to decrease all prices by 10%. You also have the option of increasing or setting all prices, and changing your prices by a fixed amount.
  11. Click Save Changes to save your new rule.

When you return to the Rules menu, your new rule will be there. Remember to delete any rules you no longer want active by clicking the action button next to the rule in question and selecting Delete.