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How to create API keys

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If you want to connect with the Rezgo API, you’ll need an API key.

1. Navigate to Settings in the main menu and click Integrations.

2. Click Create API Key.

This brings up the Create a New API Key window.


If you intend to restrict your API key access to specific IP addresses, list them in the Permitted IP field (1).

If you want to restrict access to some sections of your Rezgo account, uncheck those sections in the Permissions list (2).

Click Create Key (3).


2 thoughts on “How to create API keys

  1. This is most likely because your security group permissions do not give you access to the settings menu. You will need to speak to the account owner to change your security group permissions so that you can access settings and generate an API key as described in the article.

  2. Useless if the settings menu doesn’t exist or is hidden somewhere. All links here just provide me the definition of an API instead of a quick link to the appropriate URL to create a new key.

    Logging in with the credentials provided to me for an Administrator always takes me to https://supplier.rezgo.com and there is not settings menu there.

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