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How to configure opening and closing procedures

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If you’re using Rezgo’s Sales Desk features, you can enable opening and closing of desks. This allows your staff to count stock, cash, and/or payments at the start and end of the day.

First, navigate to Settings > General Settings in the main menu.

Enable Opening & Closing

1. Click the Opening & Closing dropdown under Sales Desks.

2. Select Enable opening and closing of desks.

3. Click Save Changes.

This will enable opening and closing with default settings.

Configure Opening & Closing Procedures

You can also adjust these settings further:

(1) Stock Counts: Allow desk users to see the expected stock counts on opening and closing, or hide those totals from them.

(2) Payment Counts: Allow desk users to see expected payment totals on closing, or hide those totals from them.

(3) Count Attempts: The number of attempts a desk user can make to enter the expected counts before a discrepancy is flagged for stock or payments.

(4) Cash Counts: Count cash by denomination or exclude cash counts except as a payment type.

(5) Collect Stock Alternates: If your stock includes alternates, count those separately or under a single entry in the stock count.

Remember to click Save Changes when you finish adjusting your settings.

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