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How to add service providers

in Inventory Tags: Edit Service ProvidersService Providers List

If you work with other companies who provide the services you sell through your Rezgo account, you can track them as service providers and assign inventory to them. Once service providers are assigned inventory items, you can search for them on the inventory list and list or filter by them in bookings reports.

1. Navigate to Inventory > Service Providers.

2. Click Create Provider.

3. Enter basic information about the service provider.

  • Enter the name of the company (1).
  • Select the provider type (2). These include tour suppliers, product suppliers, contract sales partners, referral partners and wholesalers.
  • Give the provider a brief description for reference (3).
  • Enter any tags to use when for searching for providers (4).

4. Enter the company, contact, and accounting information you require.

5. Toggle whether or not this provider uses referrals.

5. Assign inventory to the service provider if needed. You can type the names of inventory items to narrow the results.

6. Click Save Changes.

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