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Desks may have payment methods available that aren’t available to users otherwise, including EMV terminals and manual payment methods.

First, go to the desk’s details page.

Add a manual payment method to a desk

1. Click Add Desk Payment Method.


2. Click Manual (some payment gateways will skip this step).


3. Enter a name for the payment method (2).


4. Check Get a Value (3) if IDs, card numbers or other information needs to be gathered when using this payment method, then enter a label for the value.

5. Click Add Payment Method.

6. Click Save Changes.

Add an EMV to a desk

In order to add an EMV, you must be using a compatible terminal type configured for use with Rezgo and Rezgo’s proprietary software for relaying requests to your local network. Please contact support for more information.

1. Click Add Desk Payment Method.


2. Click EMV Terminal.


3. Enter the Terminal Name, IP Address, and Local Port.


4. Click Add EMV Terminal.

To edit a desk’s payment methods

1. Click edit next to the payment method.


2. Make any necessary changes.

3. Click Update Payment Method.


4. Click Save Changes.