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Introduction to Rezgo

Take a closer look at Rezgo including basic settings, inventory management, online bookings, point of sale, and reporting. Our recorded video overview will give you a brief introduction to some of our features:


What is covered


  • Basic settings
  • Adding payment methods
  • Co-branding your account
  • Creating SMS and Email notifications
  • Setting security levels and permissions
  • Inventory layouts
  • Adding analytics codes
  • Connecting to TripAdvisor Review Express
  • Adding, editing tours and activities
  • Creating bookable options
  • Creating custom form fields, taxes, fees
  • Using rules
  • Creating promotional codes
  • Overview of the online booking flow
  • Add a back-office (point of sale) booking
  • Creating basic and custom Reports
  • Searching, adding, and editing Contacts
  • Reviewing the Activity Log

If you have any lingering questions for our team, or a more thorough introduction to Rezgo, please feel free to contact us today!