Protect Your Customers And Your Business

Customizable Waivers Screen


Safe And Informed

Every adventure has its risks. With Rezgo’s fully-integrated waiver system, you can ensure your customers know what those risks are and sign off well before they arrive at their event. Keep your customers and your business safe without lifting a finger.

Automatic Notifications

Your customers automatically receive a request and optional reminders to view and sign their waivers.

Customizable Content

Customize your waivers for the specific needs of your business and your events.

Sign Anywhere

Customers can sign digitally on-site or on their devices at home.

Timely Reminders

If it’s getting late, send your guests a reminder to sign before they arrive.

Quick and Easy

Save time at the gate with generic waivers that can be attached to bookings once they’re signed.


More Benefits


Complete Security

We maintain rigorous security standards for our software and our policies to ensure the safety of data entrusted to us by you and your customers. Rezgo is fully PCI compliant, and that’s just the start of our commitment to keeping your data and payments safe and fraud-free.


Unmatched Reliability

With layers of redundancy and infrastructure designed for speed, security and responsiveness, Rezgo is always here when you need it, offering unrivaled uptime and service your business can rely on in every situation.


Personalized Support

At Rezgo, we have an in-house team of experts ready to offer direct support, customer success specialists to help you get the most out of your account, and a comprehensive knowledgebase for instructions at your fingertips.