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Powerful insights & compelling reports

Get a better understanding of your business and customers with the Rezgo tour management software.

Full suite of customizable reports

Collecting data from your customers and managing bookings is only the first part of the tour management process. You need access to all the information your tour management software has to offer, and that means reports.

With Rezgo you get access to all the essential reports by default with the ability to completely customize the reporting criteria and the display output for the reports.

All the information you need when you need it

Ever been out on site with your mobile device and wished you could view the transaction report you saved? Now you view your reports on any device regardless of where you are or what device you are using.

Thanks to the Rezgo fully responsive administration system, you have the ability to view and generate custom reports on your laptop, tablet, and even your smartphone.

Get access to everything through the Rezgo API

Are you looking for a fully customized reporting system for your business? Use the Rezgo API and get access to all the information available to your business.

Build customized reports, download data, or cache booking data in another system or database. With the Rezgo tour management software API, you can access and build reporting specific to the needs of your business.

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