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Spend less time chasing receivables

If you work with third party resellers such as concierges, DMCs, tour operators, or OTAs, you know that tracking your online invoices and your receivables is an important part of managing your revenues.  We also know that this is probably not your favourite part doing business.

To save you the time, hassle, and expense of having a separate invoicing tool to manage your receivables, we’ve built invoicing directly into Rezgo.  This means you can create invoices for bookings made by your third party agents in a flash.  You can even email them the invoice or download and print it.

Multi-currency invoices

Sales partners can be particular when it comes to what currency they pay in.  If you have sales partners that prefer to pay in a currency other than your base currency, you can issue them an invoice converted to their currency of choice.

When you create the invoice, choose whether the invoice is in your base currency or whether it is in a different currency.  Rezgo pulls from an updated currency feed to give you mid-market rates for the day.  You even have the ability to customize the rate used for the conversion.

Track Aging A/R

Instead of having to issue and track invoices in a separate accounting package, you can keep track of your aging invoices in the aging A/R report directly in Rezgo.  Find out which customers are still outstanding and what your receivables look like.  You can even resend invoices via email to your customers.

Once payments are received, you can apply them to invoices and track any outstanding amounts.  Keep your booking, invoices, and finances under control with Rezgo.

Everything you need in an invoicing system

You get an elegant invoicing system designed by and for tour operator businesses like yours.

  • Manage multiple agencies
  • Agent price sheets
  • Agency desks
  • Optimized for call centres
  • Invoice based on existing bookings
  • Email invoices to agencies
  • Track invoices with aging
  • Apply payments to invoices
  • Send payment requests
  • Print & PDF invoices

Save thousands of dollars in additional software and administration time!

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