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Rezgo 8.5: Reports, Custom Contact Fields, Opening and Closing Procedures, and More


Rezgo 8.5 has arrived, and it brings something for everyone. Read on to learn about the new reports, procedures and contact details now available to every Rezgo user.

New Reports

Just a few of the reports available in Rezgo 8.5

You’ve asked for more reporting options, and we’ve heard you. Rezgo 8.5 includes a plethora of new reports. Reports for product stock, desks, all the new opening and closing counts, different types of users and partners, commissions, referrals and a lot more.

Visit the new reports page for a full list. While you’re there, you can also customize which reports are visible, which are featured in your Rezgo sidebar, and which are featured for your convenience.

Opening and Closing Procedures

Has your staff been using Rezgo’s Sales Desks? If so, you might enjoy this convenient new feature. In addition to tracking products and pricing, desks can now be used to track opening and closing counts.

With a variety of settings to configure to your precise procedures, Rezgo’s opening and closing support can allow your staff to count currency at their desk, inventory their product stock, and count the day’s transactions across each payment method.

And, because nobody’s perfect, opening and closing procedures come with several ways to report, track and address discrepancies.

Custom Fields for Contacts

If you want to track more customer data, Rezgo 8.5 brings an exciting new feature: custom contact fields. You can set up additional fields for your contact pages. Want to store information on your contacts’ social media accounts, special requirements, or favorite spots? Anything you need, you can now track.

Even better, many of those fields can be added as contact search criteria. This makes it easier than ever to track down the right contacts when you need them.

And More…

Rezgo 8.5 is packed with small feature updates and quality-of-life improvements. Here are some highlights:

  • New configuration options for commissions, including product commissions.
  • Improved order details page with printing, tickets, and more.
  • New settings for waivers, including support for some Wacom signature tablets.
  • Expanded SOX compliance functionality.
  • Clearer cancellation procedures.
  • Transaction API.
  • Security permissions for new features.
  • And much, much more.


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