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Creating Videos that Inspire & Sell


So now that you’ve got the basic video requirements down, you’ve got a place to host your sites, and you understand the basics of shooting video for the web, the next question is… how do you start creating videos that are more compelling and actually generate revenue.  To be clear however, we are not referring to making money from the videos themselves but using the videos to enhance the sales process and increase your bottom line.  As with anything that you do as a small business, you need to make sure that everything that you do has a positive impact on your bottom line.  So, here are some basic recommendations on make more compelling videos for your tourism business:

1. As seen on T.V. – I’m not suggesting that you create an infomercial  or one of those cheesy ads on late night television, but the basics are the same.  You are offering a service that will satisfy the customer’s need for whatever it is that you offer.  For example, if you are an adventure operator you might satisfy the customer’s need for an adrenaline rush, or if you are a haunted tour operator you might offer the best “scare your pants off” tour.  Figure out what is that you do and how it fulfills your customers’ needs and then tell a story.  Remember this simple guideline:

  • Provide the problem – Want some adventure but don’t know where to look?
  • Provide the answer – We provide incredible adventures.
  • Offer the benefits – Hotel pickup, best price, gourmet meals.
  • Call to action – Book online at

2. Video Testimonials – If your tour or activity doesn’t lend itself well to being captured on video or the content is just too broad to make a short then consider doing video testimonials of your customers.  Make sure to ask their permission first or make it part of your terms and conditions.  There is no need to use full names, but a simple introduction such as the following is the most effective.

“This is Jane from Vancouver. Jane has just finished the Kayak Tour of the Islands.  So Jane, what did you think of the tour?”

Keep the testimonial short and sweet, perhaps one or two questions at most and keep it conversational.  No one wants a highly scripted testimonial.

3. Guide or Staff Interviews – No one knows your business as well as you and your staff.  Why not do short interviews with your staff about what they do and what they would consider their favorite aspects of their job.  This is a great way to get your staff involved in the marketing of the business and also adds credibility to the business.  Your potential customers get to meet their guide before they get to the location.  Again, keep these interviews short and conversational.

4. Interviews with Locals – Chances are you encounter many other people on your tour that contribute to your tour but are not part of your company.  What a great way to engage with other local businesses and get them promoting your business.  For example, if there is a great Sushi restaurant that you bring your guests to, why not do a quick interview with the owner? Get them talking about their business in the context of your tour.  The business will thank you for the coverage, you can brand it as your own video, and it adds value to the customer because now they get to experience an insider’s view of the tour.

You should be ready to start making more interesting and compelling videos for your tour or activity business.  Hopefully, you’ll get a sense for what works and what doesn’t.  Remember that it takes time to make video one of your business habits.  If you are diligent and keep working at it, you will so develop a library of videos that can be used in a variety of marketing initiatives.


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