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Manage Your Affiliate Marketing with iDevAffiliate and Rezgo


One of the most effective ways to increase relevant traffic to your website is to work with online partners such as travel bloggers, writers, media sites, and destination websites.  But how do you make sure that these online partners are being compensated for their efforts?  With Rezgo affiliate marketing is pretty simple, you can include a referral code into a URL that will track the clickthrough once the customer lands on your Rezgo booking website.  But what about if you want to send the customer to your main website first?  This is where software like iDevAffiliate can provide you with a means for tracking referral traffic to pages beyond just your booking engine.

iDevAffiliate is a fully fledged affiliate tracking and management system.  It comes in two primary versions, a standalone installed version and a fully hosted version.  The installed version means you download and install the software on your own server.  Once iDevAffiliate is set up, you can use it to create affiliate tracking codes and URLs that you provide to your online partners.  They then use those affiliate tracking links in their blog content or advertising in order to ensure they get credit for any links and conversions they provide to you.  On the Rezgo side, you need to add the pixel tracking code to the conversion field in your Settings > General Settings in order for the conversions to be properly tracked by iDevAffiliate.  You can find the details about how to integrate the pixel tracking code in this article:

Once you start using iDevAffiliate, you don’t need to use the referral code for affiliate tracking since all affiliate sales data will be managed in iDevAffiliate directly.  You can use the referral code field for other things such as source tracking or for tracking campaign data.

For more information about iDevAffiliate and to purchase it for your website, visit,


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