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Add Taxes & Fees to Your Tours


Many operators need to add taxes and fees to their tours in order to collect them from customers.  Some operators include these taxes and fees directly into the price of their tours and others prefer to itemize these costs for the customer during the booking process.  With Rezgo, you can add any number of taxes and fees to your options and display them for your customers during the booking process.

In most tour operator systems, taxes and fees are set-up at the business level which means that all tours or options are subject to the same taxes.  For most tour operators, however, this is not how taxes and fees are collected.  For example, an operator that provides a packaged tour that includes a meal may have to charge a different tax rate then they do for their non-meal inclusive offering.  In some cases, certain activities require an additional fee that is not required when booking another activity.  It was for this reason that we developed the taxes and fee system in Rezgo to handle a tour by tour taxes and fee structure.  Each option in each tour can have it’s own tax structure.  This means that when a customer books multiple tours, the tax amount payable will be calculated based on each tour booked.  The resulting tax revenues collected are reported separately in the revenue report for easy export.

Add taxes and fees to your tours and track the fee revenues easily with Rezgo


Taxes can be bundled together and added to other tours.  Change the order of taxes and fees by
dragging and dropping the fees into the right order.


Per Person vs. Per Booking

One popular request from Rezgo members was to include the ability to charge flat fees per booking.  For example, charging each passenger that books a $5.00 Land Use or Park Fee.  Some operators wanted to charge a flat per person booking fee or just one flat fee per booking.  Both of these scenarios is now supported with the added benefit that this fee can be taxable or not depending on where you place it in the list of charges.


A tax is usually a % that is added to the booking and calculated on the sub-total and any other taxable fees.  Taxes are shown in a separate column in your revenue report and an total tax column for reporting purposes.


Fees may be either a % or fixed amount and is charged on a per person or per booking basis.  Common fees might include a booking fee (such as passing on the Rezgo transaction fee) or a land use fee that is a fixed amount charged per person.

Simple for Customers to Understand

The most important part of the new taxes and fees system, however, is not just the set-up in your Rezgo admin, but how the fees are presented to your customers.  Since you can now label the fee anyway that you like, you are free to be as descriptive as you like with the fees.  Each fee is displayed on its own line and with its own separate calculation making it simple for your customers to understand exactly what they are paying.

Make it simple for your customers to know what taxes and fees are being paid during the booking
Enhanced taxes and fees support is available in both the Rezgo white label as well as the latest version of the Rezgo WordPress plugin.  For more details on how to add taxes and fees to your options, check out this video:

Alternatively, you can read the following support articles:

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