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A Visual Summary of the L.E.A.D. Social Media Strategy


As you may be aware, I am now a big fan of Prezi, the web based zooming presentation tool.  I have started converting all of my presentations over to the Prezi platform and I may even upgrade to a pro account.  Those of you who know me, know that for me to consider paying for a service, it better be darn good!  Needless to say, I really like the dynamism that you get from the Prezis.  The zooming and panning is much more natural and effective then the animations that you get in Powerpoint or OpenOffice.

One of the first presentations I converted is the following social media presentation that I re-built based on the content from my L.E.A.D. social media strategy presentation for the Yukon Tourism Industry Association conference.  Feel free to wonder through the presentation and let me know what you think.  Be forewarned, those with a proclivity for motion sickness way want to take a few breadths before viewing.  Prezi’s are a bit like riding a textual roller coaster.

L.E.A.D. to Succeed with Social Media on Prezi

Transcript of L.E.A.D. to Succeed with Social Media

  • Double click anywhere & add an idea
  • What is Social Media? Communities Friends stories videos photos places life stream
    Does it matter? YES because…
  • So what do I do?
  • Leadership the art of influencing human behaviour so as to accomplish a task in the manner so desired by the leader.
  • what does that mean? it means you have to… show psst… that means you have to influence
    your customers and potential customers to purchase from you.
  • L.E.A.D. Listen Engage Articulate Demonstrate ?
  • LISTEN brand keywords competition’s brand destination
  • Where people are talking
    What people are saying
    How people feel about you
    Problems & common concerns
    Trends & opportunities
  • What you will learn by listening
  • What to expect
  • ENGAGE you are your BRAND
  • be human
  • be professional
  • be timely
  • leave comments
  • comment on reviews
  • thank you how can I help you?
  • ask questions
  • respond quickly
  • be honest
  • know where to get the answers
  • awareness credibility accountability
  • how tos
  • call to action
  • customers feed the dream
  • give advise
  • rich descriptions
  • videos inspire
  • help them plan
  • photos
  • share stories
  • answer the questions to buy from you
  • give them all the reasons and information they need to buy from you!
  • confident
  • generous
  • become the write post knowledgable
  • share lead by example
  • don’t just talk… do! social media?
  • BAH!
  • psst… it’s too late.
  • your customers are engaged you can’t escape it
  • it’s right in front of your nose just do it!
  • so stop thinking about it & do it!


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