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5 tips for promoting last-minute Valentine’s Day events


Once you’ve planned a great Valentine’s Day experience, you’ll need to get the word out as quickly as possible.

  1. Think Locally: People are making Valentine’s Day plans right up until February 14th, so you don’t need to be prepared well in advance to take Valentine’s Day bookings. That said, people who are travelling long distances are much more likely to have their plans nailed down, so you probably want to focus your marketing efforts on locals.
  2. Contact Reporters: For most of the year, it can be hard to get reporters to take notice of your event listings. In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, however, reporters on local events beats are busy putting out lists of, say, 30 Amazingly Romantic Valentine’s Day Events in your town, and they need content. Find them on Twitter, get their email address, or contact the paper. Don’t overdo it, but get your event in their eyeline. If you have your event listed on booking software like Rezgo, a link will have all the information they’ll need.
  3. Hit Social Media: If you have local followers, they can help you get the word out, but don’t rely on them alone. Does your town have a Facebook group? Check the group rules, then share your event in any way you’re allowed. Are there any local events listings accounts on Twitter? Send them a link to your tour page. It may even be worth it to run a Facebook ad if you’re trying to reach a hyper-local audience within a short window of time.
  4. Check Community Sites: Like your local newspapers, community sites will often run lists of upcoming events for big holidays. Your municipal website can be a good resource for getting the word out.
  5. Work With Concierges: If there’s anyone who can help you find customers for last-minute events, it’s your local concierges. Make sure they know what makes your event special so they can help their guests choose it over all the others. With Rezgo, you can even set up accounts that allow concierges to book people directly through your booking software.




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