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Increase Online Bookings

3 Tips for Increasing Conversions


We’ve saved 3 secret tips just for you to help your tour or activity business boost your conversions.

1.The Decoy Tip

Human psychology, if used wisely, can help give your conversions a boost.

The “Decoy Effect” is where you frame your prices in such a way that website visitors willingly choose a more expensive option.


Let’s say you have 2 activity package options:

Option A: A 2 day sightseeing tour of New York City for $50.

Option B: A 2 day sightseeing and food tour of New York city for $100.

Any customer who wants to save money will choose Option A.

However, including a decoy option will guide the visitor to choosing Option B – Here’s how.

Include an unreasonable decoy option that makes the other options seem reasonable.

Option C (Decoy Option): A 2 day sightseeing tour of New York City and one free meal for $99.

Option C directs customers to Option B where they receive two tours and full meals for only $1 more.

2. The Audio Tip

Use a 20-second audio clip to explain something of importance to your website visitors.

For example, instead of using a generic description about how you “respect your customer’s privacy” – record a 20-second audio clip explaining the technical details of your security.

Hearing an actual voice describing technical details will make the visitor trust you more.

3. The Follow-up Tip

According to Salecycle 81% of people abandon their online travel booking process.

Reasons for abandonment according to Salecycle

  • 39% just looking/want to do more research
  • 37% price is too high/ wants to compare
  • 21% need to check with fellow travelers
  • 13% booking process is too long/complicated checkout
  • 9% technical issue/lost connection
  • 7%  payment issue/ lack of payment options

Follow-up via email with your website visitors to get them back to the booking process.

  1. Ensure that you follow up right away. If the visitor chooses to complete their booking with someone else then you’ve miss your chance.
  2. Avoid sending too many emails within a short period.  Spamming your visitors will only drive them away more.
  3. Track the effectiveness of your emails to see which ones increase conversions more.


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