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Sell through Viator & Manage with Rezgo

Direct integration with Viator means you can manage your availability and revenues in one place.

Sell your tours through Viator and manage bookings through Rezgo.

Direct Integration with Viator

When a customer books your tours or activities on Viator or through the TripAdvisor Book Now, the booking is pushed directly to your Rezgo account.  In addition, Viator checks your availability in real-time to make sure that you have the space available for the customer who is booking.

Why Sell through Viator?

Global Audience

Reach over 340 Million international customers, 3000 partner websites, and 175,000 travel agents through Viator and TripAdvisor.


Guaranteed exposure on TripAdvisor in the attractions and activities listings with the new Book Now feature and exclusive placements.

No Fees

Provide Viator with net rates based on your best published rates.  Viator adds a mark-up and sells directly to travellers.  They make money only when they sell your tours or activities.

Reliable Payments

Viator pays you electronically directly into your banking institution based on the travellers date of travel.  No need for invoices or sending paper vouchers.

Getting Ready to Sell through Viator

In order to sell your tours and activities through Viator, you will need to make sure that you have your inventory set-up correctly in Rezgo and that you are able to provide Viator with net rates.  Once you feel you are ready to have Viator sell your tours or activities, you can sign-up for Viator and begin the connection process.  This process requires several people to be involved on the Viator/TripAdvisor side and can take several weeks or longer to complete.

How Viator & Rezgo Work Together

  • Customer visits TripAdvisor and finds your tour or activity.
  • The customer is encouraged to book with TripAdvisor and not your website.
  • Customer selects a date and Viator checks your Rezgo account for availability and sends the results to the customer.
  • When the customer books your tour, they pay Viator directly.
  • Viator sends the confirmed booking to your Rezgo account.  The booking shows up in your account as having originated from Viator.

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