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Managing a tour business such as a sightseeing, excursion, adventure activity, or attraction requires a lot of moving parts.  You need the tools designed to help you better manage your business. Rezgo is a leading tour operator software designed to give tour operators like you the tools you need to make your business a success.

Why is Rezgo the best tour operator software?

Rezgo was developed in partnership with its members.  Since the system was originally launched in 2007, Rezgo has been updated with features and functionality specifically requested and vetted by its member companies.  That means that each time a member requests a new feature, it is voted on by other members, vetted by the community, and tested thoroughly for relevance and universal appeal.  Once it is approved, developed, and released, every member benefits from the new functionality.  It is not the fastest way to get new features added, but it guarantees that every function in the system is there for a reason, not just because we thought it was cool.

tour operator software that helps you grow and improve.

Rezgo is the best online booking software for your tour operator business.

What makes Rezgo better?

Rezgo is the leader because we are focused on one segment of the tourism industry, the tour and activity segment.  Rezgo is designed specifically for tour operators and activity providers.  Everything we do at Rezgo is focused on making bookings and management more efficient for businesses like yours.

Features that matter to tour operators

Inventory Control

Keep track of all your seats in real-time

Bookings 24/7

A booking experience that works anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Phone Sales

Manage phone and direct customer sales.

Payment Integration

Get paid directly by your customers in real-time.

Only pay when you book

No sign-up fee, no monthly fee, no flat booking charge, no support fees.  Everything is included.

Web & Mobile Bookings


Point of Sale Bookings


Enterprise & High Volume

Rezgo took our website up several notches. It looks so good, is very easy to use and saves time. The service was excellent- they were patient with my lack of knowledge and my many calls with basic questions. If I can implement this-anyone can! I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Serena Hutchinson

Owner Juneau Tours
The team at Rezgo have proved to be very proactive and keen to address concerns and problems. They are open to new ideas and developments and if a suggestion is accepted, they are impressively productive in implementing it.


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