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How to process manual credit card transactions

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If you do not have a credit card payment gateway that can process your payments in real-time, you can still collect credit card details through Rezgo. If you choose to do this, you will need to process the actual payment offline using a hand held or phone terminal.

To collect credit card details but not process payments through Rezgo, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings > Accept Payments.

2. Click Process Cards Manually.


3. Confirm that you understand that Rezgo does not process credit cards with this payment method.

4. Toggle the credit card types you want to accept.


5. Click Attach Manual Cards.

Payment Status

When a customer books and pays with a credit card, the credit card details (not including CVV) will be saved with the booking. Rezgo will check to make sure the card number passes a validity test, but Rezgo does not check to see if the card is actually real. It is possible for someone to enter a credit card number that passes the validity test but is ultimately rejected by the processor. The booking itself will be flagged as “PENDING” until you have had a chance to process the credit card payment through your manual terminal.

Processing a manual credit card payment

1. Navigate to the booking’s detail’s page.

2. Under Payments, you’ll see the details of the credit card payment.


3. Enter the details of the transaction into the system you are using to process credit card payments.

4. If you receive an authorization, click Add Transaction.


5. Add a transaction for the amount that you processed through your terminal.


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