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Open source booking engine

Customize the Rezgo web booking engine

Developer ready code for your custom project

Would you like to customize the Rezgo customer booking experience but don’t have the time or resources to build a custom integration with the Rezgo XML API?  Now you can install a complete Rezgo booking engine on your own website by installing the Rezgo Open Source Booking Engine for tours and activities.   You get all the features of the Rezgo white label booking engine plus the flexibility to completely control the look and feel of your customer booking experience, best of all, the code is open source.

Why use the Rezgo open source booking engine?

If you really like Rezgo but you are looking for more customization than can be provided through the white label booking engine or you want to integrate your Rezgo inventory with other APIs or services, then the open source booking engine may be right for you.  Using the Rezgo open source booking engine, you have full access and control over how the booking engine works on your site.

Get access to all the code required to power your website with the Rezgo open source booking engine

Rezgo open source booking engine is fully responsive and mobile ready.

The Rezgo Open Source Booking Engine includes:

  • Fully responsive design
  • Full open source PHP
  • Complete control over look and feel through CSS and access to display templates
  • Powerful AJAX booking calendar features
  • Support for discount and referral codes
  • Support for shopping cart features
  • Fully search ready pages and search engine friendly URLs (with mod rewrite turned on)
  • Complete transaction processing on your own site (with secure certificate)
  • Plus all the other features of Rezgo

Features that matter to your business

Online Booking

Fully customized online booking experience.

Mobile Booking

Smartphone & tablet optimized mobile booking experience.

Open source

Complete & fully tested source code

Integration ready

Simple & straightforward integration

Who should use the Rezgo open source booking engine?

The Rezgo open source booking engine is designed for tour, activity, event, and attraction businesses who want a truly customized customer experience on their website.  The open source booking engine is built in PHP using the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework and AJAX.  A competent and experienced web developer who is familiar with XML API development, PHP, AJAX, and CSS will find the open source booking engine relatively straightforward to work with.

What makes Rezgo better than the competition?

Rezgo is the only booking engine on the market today that provides this level of accessibility and customization.  If you need a truly customized customer experience for your website that is built on proven and stable technology, then the only choice is Rezgo.

Download the Rezgo open source booking engine from Github
and see for yourself how powerful a customized booking engine can be.

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