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Online Reservation System For Tours and Activities

Rezgo is a sightseeing tour and activity booking and online reservation system.Looking for an online reservation system for your tour or activity business?

Rezgo is the leading online reservation system available for tour and activity businesses.  Rezgo provides tour operators with features and functionality that allow them to take on-line bookings, process payments, and manage customers. If you are a sightseeing tour operator, a guided tour operator, an adventure activity operator, or an excursion provider, Rezgo can help you better manage your business and grow your revenues.

What kind of online reservation system is best for my company?

That depends. If you are a tour or activity business that operates daily, recurring, or fixed departure date tours (such as a group tour), then Rezgo is likely a good fit for you.

If you are a tour operator who offers custom itineraries and trips that have variable departure dates and are quite expensive, then Rezgo is probably not the best online reservation system for your business.

What makes Rezgo a great online reservation system?

Rezgo was developed in partnership with its members. Since the system was first released, Rezgo has been updated with features and functionality specifically requested by member companies. Each time a member requests a new feature, it is voted on by other members, checked by the community, and tested thoroughly for relevance and universal appeal. Once it is approved, developed, and released, every member benefits from the new functionality. This process guarantees that every function in the Rezgo online reservation system is there for a reason, not just because we think it is cool.

Why is Rezgo the best online reservation system on the market?

Best is a relative term. Rezgo is the leader because, unlike our competition, we are focused on one segment of the tourism industry, the tour and activity segment. Rezgo is not a general scheduling application. Everything we do at Rezgo is focused on making bookings and management more efficient for tour and activity operators.

Who else is using the Rezgo online reservation system?

Hundreds of businesses around the World use Rezgo to manage their tour and activity businesses. In fact, we have 700+ active Rezgo member companies located all across North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia / New Zealand. These are companies who provide services such as sightseeing tours, adventure activities, guided excursions, and more.

What does Rezgo cost?

Rezgo is a performance based software as a service, which means that we only get paid when you make a sale. Online bookings incur a 5% service fee and back-office bookings (made by you or your staff) are charged 1%. These are the only fees charged by Rezgo.