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What is a Cookie?

In computing, a cookie is a small file that is stored in a browser that stores information about a user session.  In some cases, this may be what is referred to as a session id.  This session id allows the website to identify that the user has visited the site before or is taking specific actions on the site such as adding items to a shopping cart or purchasing goods or services.

Cookies are generally specific to a website which means that only the website that added the cookie has the ability to access the cookie to either read or write data to the file.  When used appropriately, cookies help to streamline e-commerce by storing information that the user has already provided.

What about tracking cookies?

Tracking cookies are a different type of cookie used to capture and transmit web behaviour to a central repository.  For example, when you visit a website that places a tracking cookie in your browser, your visit to subsequent websites that use that tracking cookie may record your activity on those websites and relay them back to the advertising platform.  This may include the website you visited, items you viewed, articles you read, and any specific actions you may have taken.  Tracking cookies may also be used to allow advertisers to target specific types of advertising to you as you browse the web.

What cookies does the Rezgo website use?

  • Session cookie – This cookie is used to identify you while you are browsing the Rezgo website.  The cookie is only used to maintain current state.  No actions are taken with this cookie and it is deleted when you close your browser.
  • Privacy cookie – This cookie is set by the GDPR script on the Rezgo website and is used to store whether or not you have consented to allow cookies from Rezgo.  It remains in your browser indefinitely and tells the Rezgo website each time you visit that you have already consented.  Deleting this cookie will require you to consent to cookies again, at which time a new cookie will be stored in your browser.
  • Google Analytics – This cookie is used to gather general web analytics such as the number of visitors to the Rezgo website, where visitors come from, how long they stay on the website, and what they look at.  No personal information is gathered or stored and the cookie is deleted when your browser is closed.

You can read more about the Rezgo Privacy Policy here.

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