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Net Rate Resellers

With the Rezgo Reseller Platform you can create net rate resellers such as online travel agencies (OTAs) and inbound/outbound tour operators quickly and easily.  By adding the reseller in Rezgo, you also have the ability to track the source of your bookings, generate invoices, and reconcile payments without ever leaving Rezgo or having to manage data in another system.  Your resellers have the ability to book your experiences via their own API connection or through their own Rezgo account.

Affiliate Resellers

If you work with third party resellers where you collect payment, act as the merchant of record, and pay out commissions, then the Rezgo Reseller Platform is a perfect tool for you.  By using the Reseller Platform, you can create Rezgo accounts that you control and manage while allowing your third party to book through a point of sale or on the web.  You handle all the funds and you run a payout report at the end of each month directly in Rezgo.  It’s that easy.

Easily connect with Resellers

Whether you are creating your own resellers or connecting to a new or existing reseller, it’s easy to connect and start trading.  Simply enter in the reseller’s unique reseller code and Rezgo does the rest.

Once the Reseller is connected, Rezgo automatically creates a sales desk and allows you to assign the reseller to a new or existing price sheet.  This means each of your resellers can have unique or shared pricing structures, depending on how simple or sophisticated you want your set-up to be.

Easily connect with new or existing Rezgo Resellers by entering their unique reseller code.

Quickly and easily import inventory from inventory suppliers

Inventory Controls

Make it easy for resellers to resell the right inventory by allowing them to import your inventory directly into their Rezgo account.  Rezgo automatically maps the inventory across accounts to ensure that when a booking is made, it is made with the correct inventory in your account.  No more having to guess which tour or activity a booking is for.

In addition, resellers have the ability to change the content of their imported inventory giving them more control over duplicate content or to update content for specific markets.

Stay On Top of Reseller Performance

Since the reseller platform is a fully integrated part of Rezgo, reseller data is capture and reported in all relevant reports.

Easily keep track of reseller performance by running a Desk summary report to see how well resellers are doing against each other.  Or run a booking report specific to the reseller.  And, of course, run a reconciliation report to generate payouts or invoices depending on whether your reseller is net rate or commission based.

Use existing Rezgo reports to keep track of reseller performance

Everything you need to power your resellers

You get a powerful reselling platform designed by and for tour operator businesses like yours.

  • Manage all your resellers
  • Provide channel pricing
  • Track reseller sales
  • Integrated with invoicing
  • Reseller reporting
  • Create resellers quickly
  • Easily import inventory
  • Bookings in real-time
  • Dynamic pricing and availability
  • Branded or White Label experience

Save thousands of dollars in additional software and administration time!

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