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Field Definitions

Field Name Value
total returns 1 (or transaction count) if transaction is found else returns 0
trans_num booking reference number
item_id the item uid
cid company cid
tour_name Full name of the tour booked
option_name Full name of the option booked
date UNIX timestamp of item booking date
time local time of the item booked (if 0, then no time has been set)
date_range UNIX timestamp of item booking date
date_purchased UNIX timestamp of date when booking was made
date_purchased_local UNIX timestamp of date when booking was made in the provider local time
note booking note associated with this booking
updated UNIX timestamp of last update to the booking
prices node of prices agreed upon for the booking
adult_price price level 1 (adult) price
child_price price level 2 (child) price
senior_price price level 3 (senior) price
price4 price level 4 price
price5 price level 5 price
price6 price level 6 price
price7 price level 7 price
price8 price level 8 price
price9 price level 9 price
adult_num total number of price level 1 (adults) booked
adult_label price 1 (adult) label
child_num total number of price level 2 (children) booked
child_label price 2 (child) label
senior_num total number of price level 3 (senior) booked
senior_label price 3 (senior) label
price4_num total number of price 4 booked
price4_label price 4 label
price5_num total number of price 5 booked
price5_label price 5 label
price6_num total number of price 6 booked
price6_label price 6 label
price7_num total number of price 7 booked
price7_label price 7 label
price8_num total number of price 8 booked
price8_label price 8 label
price9_num total number of price 9 booked
price9_label price 9 label
pax total number of passengers booked
spaces total number of spaces booked (applies when block size is in effect)
currency_symbol Supplier currency symbol (used for display purposes)
currency_seperator The currency seperator
currency_decimal The number of decimal places the currency supports
currency_base Supplier base currency
sub_total subtotal of the booking prior to additional line items
fees deprecated
line_items Node containing individual booking line items. These can be either taxes or fees that can added at the time of check-out.
line_item Node containing details about each line item.
label  name of this line item (e.g. Sales Tax, Booking Fee)
amount  amount of line item in base currency
percent  percent of line item (if no amount declared)
multi  flag to indicate that this line item is charged per person (0 or 1)
tax  flag to indicate if line item is a tax (0 or 1)
first_name Billing info – First name
last_name Billing info – Last name
address_1 Billing info – Address
address_2 Billing info – Address 2 (Optional)
city Billing info – City
stateprov Billing info – State/Province
country Billing info – Country
postal_code Billing info – Postal Code
phone_number Billing info – Phone Number
email_address Billing info – E-mail address
passengers Node containing separate passengers and their details
passenger Node containing details for a specific passenger
type  the price level associated with this passenger
first_name  the first name of the passenger (available if first name is required or optional)
last_name  the last name of the passenger (available if last name is required or optional)
phone_number  the phone number of the passenger (available if phone number is required or optional)
email_address  the email address of the passenger (available if email address is required or optional)
total_forms  the total number of passenger form fields
forms  Node containing the individual form fields
form Node containing specific form field details
id The incremental id of the form field (starting at 0)
type The type of form field (text, multi-select, etc.)
question The question asked in the form field.
answer The answer provided by the booking customer.
price_labels List containing price labels set at the time of booking
price_range Node containing price range at the time of booking
price_adult Price level 1 (Adult) price
price_child Price level 2 (Child) price
price_senior Price level 3 (Senior) price
price4 Price level 4 price
price5 Price level 5 price
price6 Price level 6 price
price7 Price level 7 price
price8 Price level 8 price
price9 Price level 9 price
overall_total total cost of booking
transactions Node of transactions applied to this booking
total  total number of transactions associated with this booking
transaction Node containing individual transactions
label  The payment method used for the transaction
date  UNIX timestamp of the date of the transaction
amount  The amount of the transaction (in base currency)
overall_paid amount paid to date
deposit amount of deposit required
trigger_code trigger/coupon code used with this booking; only shown if a trigger code is submitted
payment_method payment method used {eg. PayPal}statusstatus of payment (numeric code)
status status of payment (1 = confirmed, 2 = pending, 3 = cancelled)
status_text status text of payment (text version eg. Payment Pending)
checkin_status has the booking been checked in (if yes then value = 1)
primary_forms Node of primary form fields
form Node containing specific form field details
id The incremental id of the form field (starting at 0)
type The type of form field (text, multi-select, etc.)
question The question asked in the form field.
answer The answer provided by the booking customer.
refid is there a refid with the booking
v version of the API being used
gt time to generate the result (used for SLA purposes)

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