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Greenville CVB Signature ExperienceAs a Destination Marketing Organization, attracting visitors to your destination is your key priority. Rezgo helps DMOs attract visitors by enhancing their websites with what today’s online centric markets are looking for; updated information, authentic commentary, and bookable destination experiences. This is where a partnership with Rezgo can benefit your destination.

What does a partnership with Rezgo involve?
Rezgo provides the tour booking software technology behind connecting you with your members. You as the DMO provide marketing expertise to drive visitors to your website, which increases bookings for your membership, which in turn increases your revenues. The partnership is purely performance based, which means that your members are only charged when transactions come through the system. The more successful you are at marketing your site, the more business your stakeholders will generate.

What do DMOs get?
Rezgo will add booking functionality to a DMO’s existing website. Our vendor interface uses leading edge technology to market DMO member’s products and can be co-branded to match your existing look and feel. You also receive a full administrative back-end that gives you full control over your member accounts and reporting.

The Rezgo team will provide an Internet marketing workshop for you and your members to demonstrate how to use the Rezgo.com system and how to market their site online. We will give you marketing collateral and a registration site to aid in marketing the workshop to your members.

Do you offer a quality assurance program?
If you are looking to manage an exclusive quality assurance program for your destination, then Rezgo may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Take a look at how Rezgo can provide your destination with tools to manage an exclusive distribution and sales channel for your approved destination partners.

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How do DMOs generate revenue with Rezgo.com?
When you partner with Rezgo, you can determine a commission rate that you will charge your members for each booking that is made through your site. When a visitor comes to your DMO website or visitor centre and books a product from one of your members, you receive a commission from the member. For every one million dollars in transaction volume generated through your account, you will receive ten thousand dollars from Rezgo.*

How do suppliers generate revenue?
Your members receive a reservation system which allows them to manage their inventory and sell online. This inventory is available for the supplier to sell online directly and is distributed through partner channels.  Your members get full access to the Rezgo system and are only charged when they receive bookings either through your sales channels or from their own website.

How does Rezgo generate revenue?
For every booking that comes in through your sales channel, the supplier’s own website, or a partner website, Rezgo charges a 5% service fee. That means that if your destination site results in a booking for one of your members, we charge the member a 5% service fee directly.

  1. Once we have partnered with you, we work with you to promote Rezgo to your members through direct mail, email and phone campaigns.
  2. Your stakeholders sign-up for Rezgo through a co-branded sign-up website linked to your DMO website or marketing collateral.
  3. Once the company signs up and has uploaded their product information, pricing, and availability to Rezgo, they connect to your DMO website using RezgoConnect. Once you accept them, their products will appear on your DMO’s private label website.
  4. Visitors to your DMO website can then book various products from your members directly on your DMO website. This allows you to track revenue generation, visitor conversions, website traffic, and much more providing additional value to your membership.

What does the DMO have to do?
In order to take full advantage of Rezgo, your destination must agree to promote the use of Rezgo with your members and to agree to have the private label booking engine on your DMO website.

What does it cost the DMO?
Nothing.  This program is performance based which means that Rezgo generates revenue if and only if the program is successful.  That said, we want to work with destinations that are serious about giving their destination partners access to the best possible technology.

What does the DMO get in return?

Rezgo will provide:

  1. A fully branded private label website for your tour & activity bookings.
  2. A hosted, maintained, and updated technology infrastructure.
  3. A hosted workshop for DMO members on how to use the Rezgo system and market their websites.

Partnering with Rezgo is simple, contact us for more information about how Rezgo can add value to your destination’s online strategy.

* Transaction volume is based on members who are directly referred to Rezgo via the Destination’s co-branded sign-up page.