Keep your essential service safe

Manage capacity, customers, and demand

Maximize customers & minimize risk

Set up times

Set up time slots for your customers to book.  Allow a maximum number of customers to select each time slot.

Book a spot

Allow customers to book a date and time of their choosing.  Customers receive a confirmation number and scannable QR Code for entry.

Touchless Check in

Customer shows up at the specific time to shop.  Check in the customer using the Rezgo check-in app. No touch required.

Manage Customers

Know who has been in your store and keep them coming back for more.  Update your mailing list automatically to help keep customers informed of important announcements.

Your customers will thank you for helping to keep them safe while shopping in your store.

Customers can book from home

With pre-booking, customers can book their date and time in advance on their mobile phone or computer from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Store managers can control how many people they want to allow per hour in order to ensure a safe shopping environment for their customers and staff.

Physical Distancing is the new Reality

Line ups and crowds waiting to get into your stores is a health risk to both your customers and to your staff.

Reduce the lines and crowds by enforcing a pre-booking policy for your store.  Give people the option to book their shopping time in advance in order to maximize the number of people that can be in your store and still maintain safe physical distancing.

Do your part to help

High demand stores like grocery stores, wholesale outlets, and hardware stores have a duty to ensure their customers and staff are kept safe.

By using an entry management system, you can keep your customers happy by guaranteeing that they will get access to your store and they can do so without risking their health.  Your staff will also appreciate the steady flow of demand rather than dealing with huge spikes of traffic and unhappy customers.

With a staggered flow of customers, you can also check customers before they enter your store to ensure they don’t have a fever, thereby preventing possible spread of the virus to other customers.

Everything you need to maintain control

You get a powerful capacity management system and more…

  • Set up hourly capacity
  • Online or mobile booking
  • SMS reminders
  • Capture Customer information
  • Check in customers
  • Provide pre-arrival notices
  • Post visit notices
  • Reporting

Only $100/month per location

Manage your customer flow

Let us help you keep your customers and staff safe today!