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Get more reviews with TripAdvisor Review Express & Rezgo

Direct integration with TripAdvisor Review Express means you get more reviews from actual customers.

Get more review with less effort by combining TripAdvisor Review Express and Rezgo

Use TripAdvisor Review Express to get more reviews with less effort.

Direct Integration with TripAdvisor

Once you select Rezgo as your technology partner on TripAdvisor, Rezgo will automatically notify TripAdvisor when your customers have completed their tour or activity with you.  TripAdvisor automatically sends a request for review email using the template that you set up in your TripAdvisor profile.  Simplify your review process and get more reviews with less effort.

Read the Automated Review Express Guide for details

Systematically Encouraging New Guest Reviews Drives Results

As part of the study, Atmosphere analysed data from properties that had used TripAdvisor’s Review Collection Platform (RCP) to systematically request reviews from each guest. The results clearly demonstrate the importance of a programmatic approach.
  • More guest reviews: When properties launched a solution like RCP, they saw an increase in reviews of 30 to 80% over pre-launch numbers
  • More page views: Highly engaged hotels using RCP saw 40% more page views than highly engaged hotels that did not have a similar solution in place
  • Improved revenue-driving performance: These hotels also saw a 25% increase in Business Listings link activity and a 32% increase in CPC clicks, when compared to those that did not use it.

Why use TripAdvisor Review Express & Rezgo?

Build Your Business

Send automated Review Express emails to your customers.  Requests from TripAdvisor have a higher conversion rate than your own branded emails.

Custom Message

Customize your Review Express template so that it represents your brand in the best possible way.

Completely Free

There is no cost to use the Review Express service and the integration with Rezgo is included.

Simple Set-up

The integration with Rezgo means that all the tricky set-up is taken care of.  In just 3 simple steps you can get started with Review Express.

Manage your reviews more effectively with TripAdvisor business tools.

Manage your reviews better with TripAdvisor Business Tools

Once you start sending emails using the Review Express API, the results of your review requests will display on your dashboard.

First, you’ll see the key statistics from all the campaigns sent including Total Campaigns, Total E-mails Sent, Total Opens, Total Clicks and Total Reviews. You can use these numbers to evaluate your Review Express success over time.

Another key section of the dashboard is recent reviews. Titles and ratings of your most recent reviews are listed. If you don’t have recent reviews, the dashboard will provide some tips to try for future campaigns.

Finally, the “Recent e-mail campaigns” report has regularly updated stats for each campaign sent by your property. It tracks the number of e-mails sent, opened and clicked as well as how many were bounced or suppressed. Suppression happens when addresses have already been e-mailed on behalf of your property, or when a recipient has opted out of e-mails from TripAdvisor.

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