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I feel compelled to give some praise to the crew at Rezgo for the support and expertise they offered while we worked together to take “live” the latest improvement at Cypress Hills Eco-Adventures: our online reservation system powered by Rezgo. I demo’d and played on three other reservation solutions prior to realizing that Rezgo even existed. I am so happy that I found them before going with another system…and here’s why:

1)  Their customer service is unmatched. As a smaller operator, with dreams of expansion, they give me the time of day to call and chat, and help out with all the little things that cause frustration, such as trying to set up a new e-commerce gateway, which we as operators really know nothing about.

2) They listen and respond to requests. By this I not only mean that they are quick to respond to technical requests that have to be fixed RIGHT NOW, they also truly want to make this system more powerful for us as operators by adding updates that will make our jobs easier.

3) They are humble, they operate with humility, they are excellent supporters and have a way about them that gets you excited to grow your business.

Thank you for all your help. Very impressed.

Jori Kirk - CEO Cypress Hills Eco Adventures

Jori Kirk

CEO Cypress Hills Eco-adventures
I’d just like to thank you Stephen and your team for working with us and assisting with the setup and integration of Rezgo with our company: St Maarten Culinary Tours. The all in one system works perfect for our needs and we look forward to networking with you as we begin this new business venture.

Shaigan Marten

CEO St. Maarten Tours
After 15 years working in travel industry we have been searching for a system like this. We are more then happy to find this solution. We are even more happy with design customization options. Technical support is great and new multiple tours booking option is perfect. All the best.


CEO Luxury Slovenia
Any time I’ve asked for the help with anything they helped me with very quickly and efficiently. They have gone above and beyond to help with an issue with our css files, greatly appreciate it. We have now launched our page and are very happy with the service.

Liam Sinnott

CEO Vivit Ireland
I’ve been dealing with Rezgo for over a year now. I’ve used them to facilitate tour bookings on one of my client’s website. They fully supported everything from the installation of the WordPress plugin to future updates and customizations. They even recently contacted me when my site had an issue that they happened to have noticed (and provided a solution that worked)! Stephen and the Rezgo team have been quick to respond and on top of things from the beginning!

Rick Maggio

Rezgo has to be the best online booking solution around and has provided everything needed to better manage my customers booking. I know that in time there will be many more great options integrated into the the online booking engine to better serve all our customers. Keep up the good work!


Napa Valley Aloft
Rezgo took our website up several notches. It looks so good, is very easy to use and saves time. The service was excellent- they were patient with my lack of knowledge and my many calls with basic questions. If I can implement this-anyone can! I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Serena Hutchinson

To anyone who wants to develop a travel website think of Rezgo! The software is very simple to use and it has great value for your business. Thank you Rezgo and Stephen for supporting me in creating my dream.

Tours Libya
After some very frustrating experiences with other software providers, Rezgo is a breath of fresh air! I am not someone who easily gives out compliments unless well earned. Rezgo has surpassed every expectation. Simple implementation. Total customization. Fair and easy price structure. Good documentation. Wow. Can’t say enough good things about them. When we first signed up I emailed a couple of questions on a Saturday morning. Within a couple hours I had a helpful and lucid response. Our booking page now looks exactly like our webpage. Completely seamless. I doubt most people even notice they are traveling off our website for booking. They even have a Facebook ap to link bookings directly from there. Brilliant. We will be making recommendations about Rezgo to anyone we know in the business.

John Dawson

Rocket Electrics
Thank you so much for a simple, terrific product. Not only can our customers book their tours online, they can select all the amenities without having to call or email. A win-win for everyone. If all business contacts were as nice to deal with as Stephen and staff, the world would be much better place. Their knowledge and kindness sold me.


After interviewing several reservation systems, rezgo topped the cake. Their design, and customer service really stood out! Whenever I have a question about my account I always get a quick helpful response. Just recently I was having trouble imputing my own template into Rezgo and the designers offered to do it for me! What a load off my shoulders. They did a great job and I am so thankful.


I can’t thank Stephen and his team enough for holding my hand, and answering my daft questions throughout the whole process. I’m immensely grateful. Growing and changing a business is a stressful experience at the best of times, and their patience and understanding is an example to us all in the service industry! You guys deserve all the success you get!


I Heart Rezgo! For years I was limited by not having the right technology partner for my travel business. Rezgo allows me to create a shopping cart, track my marketing through promotional codes, and track commissions for sales reps and travel agents selling my products. This is everything I needed to move forward with sales. The best part about using rezgo- no startup costs. Bravo and thank you Rezgo! If I had more money I’d invest in your company. I think you have excellent costumer service and a great sustainable business model that helps small travel providers like myself grow. Also, I love the Rezgo connect feature. I’ve already connected with a few vendors who are selling my products. Thanks again!

Barbara Vega

Right from our first contact with Rezgo support staff, we could feel the warm welcome through the internet. Our queries were addressed right away. Keep it up team Rezgo!

Batatu Tours
I am a new member using the Rezgo Software. I am extremely satisfied with the amount of attention they gave me in integrating the software to my website. I am a very “Non-Techy” kind of guy, but none-the-less, John in tech support made sure I understood everything and really walked me through the set up process.

John’s care of me is a great example of great customer service. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and goes above and beyond to assure people like myself are understanding the software, and able to smoothly integrate it into their website.

The look and feel of the software is superior to other tour operator booking software products. A true pioneer in this industry.


Their support created a custom web frame for me and helped integrate the booking pages into my real site!

Ahan Malhorta

After 25 years in travel and tourism, we thought we have seen it all. But no. Rezgo totally surprised us with their technology and clear, human support. Amazing…We want to grow further with you.

Air Caracas
I run a walking tour in Seattle, Washington. I have been using rezgo as my reservation and ticketing system for the past year. It has helped our business grow and become very successful. What I like most about the system is how easy it is to use, how much I can be involved with how my products are marketed. I have found the back end to be very helpful, I now use rezgo in place of another email system when talking to to my customers. I have also had very positive feeback from my customers, including this note “Thanks for easy set up!” I like that I can create custom forms, can create discounts and rules for my products and with a moment’s notice change things when I need to. For instance, we now offer a discount on 4 tickets being purchased, I can watch in real time as people buy tickets and I can change my inventory based on their calendar view. I can decide in a moment if I want to add another tour guide or another time, then using social media and my own website, I can easily communicate the change. It’s been a wonderful addition to my tours and I highly recommend it. I have recommended it and know of other tour companies that are also very happy with rezgo. Thanks!


The internet is so crowded with bad customer service that you are not really expecting someone to raise the bar. But the rezgo support team has just done that with really fast, accurate and prompt answers. Thanks very much for your fast support.


We’ve had lots of little niggling questions about customizing our Rezgo pages, and each email has been answered quickly and thoroughly. Really appreciate the great support from their team! And to top it off, everything we’ve wanted to do has been possible, making our experience for our users even better.

Adventures in Preservation
Thanks for fixing our template (twice!) without even being asked the second time. We appreciate the proactive troubleshooting and fix. Thank you so much for making it easy to be a Rezgo customer!


Thank you for the great customer service! I could not have gotten the affiliate code loaded without you. I am genuinely grateful.


Love, love, love the calendar option that allows me to quickly go in and change availability with out creating a rule. Very handy for seasonal changes, such as tours being closed on non-cruise ship days. Thanks!


We have been working with Rezgo for the better part of 6 months. They were able to provide for us a custom solution that makes life easier for clients and internal staff alike. I have no problem recommending Rezgo to anyone who is looking for a solution that allows you to have a bookable product. Great job.

Andy Trache

A big hearty thanks to Rezgo for their fantastic support of their fantastic product. Stephen & team teach us about customer service!

Backroads Touring
The team at Rezgo have proved to be very proactive and keen to address concerns and problems. They are open to new ideas and developments and if a suggestion is accepted, they are impressively productive in implementing it.


Rezgo has amazing support. I can’t believe how quickly my challenges are addressed. Stephen is always professional. Instead of being made to feel like a burden to the company he makes me feel like an asset with my ideas and suggestions.


Thank you Stephen and your support staff. I am not computer savvy so I have your people on speed dial and they haven’t let me down yet. A special thank you to John, who puts up with ALL my questions.


I called for help with a technical issue and was completely satisfied. Then, they went a step beyond and offered to take care of some other housekeeping that made my website look and function even more seamlessly with theirs. Great job guys!

L. Long

You were patient, and helpful. So very helpful. Talking with you and going through the back end setup was not only beneficial, but for me it was absolutely necessary! Thank you so much.

Paul Vid

I have tried a few booking systems and found the majority didn’t really understand the needs of tour operators. Rezgo excellently suites the unique needs of my operations with an easy to understand booking system and interface for clients and third parties. As times have changed and i can work from anywhere as long as i have the internet, I need a system thats flexible, real time and web based. Rezgo can provide this for me. The online tutorials with video is an excellent way to learn how to run the system at my own pace and the email support is great for any parts i don’t understand. For my needs, i am happy with Rezgo.

After Dark Tours
I am very satisfied from the customer service i had it from your gives me a great pleasure to be one of your customers…thanks

Mohamen Badhr

I was a new Rezgo client and had many questions for Stephen. With multiple emails and phone calls between the both of us, we got the job done. He was very patient with me and answered all of my questions. He was very helpful and courteous! I would recommend everyone to use Rezgo as their booking site! Thank You for your amazing customer service skills!

Brandon Busche

After years of dealing with custom made reservations systems, the problems were that programmers either became unavailable because of other job offers, or their prices suddenly spiked when it came time to fix a little glitch. Other programmers would rarely want to work on the code that they didn’t write. Then I decided to give Rezgo a try. Why not, they do all their own programming in house and they seemed to understand the subtleties of running a tour business. Hesitant but desperate, it turned out to be the best decision I could have ever made. Their system is slick, easy to use and their tech support is fantastic. If I ever have a problem, question or need a tweak, they are responding within 24 hours or less. The Rezgo reservation system has freed me up to create more tours and improve our services. No more back and forth emails with guests or programmers. Thanks Rezgo and Stephen for your personal approach!

Paolo Scheffer

I just recently completed a new website design and our Rezgo booking engine page had been skinned to match the old site. When I switched over to the new site/CMS/design, our Rezgo page was no longer pulling the old design so it looked like a broken page. I was put in communication with Stephen to resolve this and before I could even blink, he had already pulled the new site design for our Rezgo page. I was under the impression that there were would be back-end work and sending of files, however he was able take the site as it is public, manipulate the source code, and create our new matching Rezgo page. I literally had to do nothing, and now the page looks great! I am not used to having someone go out of their way to fix something so quickly…he made my life and my job 20 times easier…as skinning the Rezgo page was one of the few things I wasn’t even sure how to approach. Awesome!


Our situation was quite unique, which required a lot of “tweaking” on Rezgo’s part to make it work for us. Not only did they make the necessary adjustments, they did it with a smile. They were understanding and patient with our numerous questions, and provided first class customer service along the way. I can’t imagine handling our new venture without the assistance of Rezgo. They made it easy to manage and the tools they include make it simple to utilize. I look forward to next season!


Rezgo is the online reservation client of the future. Stephen and the Rezgo team are so persistent about helping me that I sometimes wonder if they care more than I do about my own projects. The excellent customer service paired with the intuitive technology and the company’s obvious commitment to building a platform that will stand the test of time makes me a ‘brand advocate.’ Rezgo has been around since 2005 and it appears that it is here to stay. Kudos!


I super dig how easy it is for my staff to make bookings! The back-end system is a very powerful booking utility and I highly recommend it to any tour or event organization company!


Segway Edmonton