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XML API – Before You Start

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Accessing the Gateway

The Rezgo tour operator XML Gateway is located at http://xml.rezgo.com/xml

It can be queried with a standard HTTP Request. All gateway queries need at least two components, a transcode and an instruction. Any external queries also require a valid API key using the key parameter.


The transcode is either the unique identifier of the Rezgo account holder (returned as cid in the response) or the unique identifier of a vendor prefixed b­y ‘p’ (eg., transcode=p4). The transcode/company id can be found in Rezgo Admin > Settings.


The API Key is required for third-party parsers and can be located for each Rezgo client in Rezgo Admin > Settings.


The following is a list of instructions that are described independently later in this document:

  1. i=company
  2. i=headers
  3. i=pages
  4. i=search
  5. i=tags
  6. i=commit
  7. i=search_bookings
  8. i=month

Additional (optional) arguments

Along with the required transcode and instruction, there are additional optional arguments that are supported. These arguments provide additional refinement to make the queries more specific. Arguments listed here are for retrieving information. We will include arguments for sending information (commit queries) in a later section.

Items listed in {} braces are example values

  1. q : query (the search string, may contain * wildcards)
  2. t : target (the search target – a list of possible search targets is given in the search-items section) {comnameuidcategory(tag)}
  3. d : date (Y-m-d format)
  4. a : additional arguments {imageactive, group, featured} – skip image a true or false additional identifier, (ie a=image, a=active, a=skip_cutoff):
    1. a=group – only returns group info (Returns only 1 item from each group
    2. a=skip_cutoff – allows searches to ignore the cutoff date
    3. use commas to separate multiple arguments, eg a=group,featured
  5. f : search filter – an array for additional search criteria, see search, (ie f[keywords]=camping)
  6. trigger_code: a promotional code used to apply/enable a rule.

Example Request

structure of an example rezgo tour operator xml API

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