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XML API – Request – Search Bookings

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The search_booking query returns bookings based on a number of available search criteria.


Parameter Value
key REZGO API KEY (Required)
transcode CID (Required)
i search_bookings (Required)

Additional arguments

Parameter Value
t date_purchased – search bookings based on start date/end date combination
q startdate (YYYY-MM-DD) end date (YYYY-MM-DD)

Field Definitions

Field Name Value
total returns 1 (or transaction count) if transaction is found else returns 0
trans_num booking reference number
item_id the item uid
cid company cid
tour_name Full name of the tour booked
option_name Full name of the option booked
date UNIX timestamp of item booking date
date_range UNIX timestamp of item booking date
date_purchased UNIX timestamp of date when booking was made
date_purchased_local UNIX timestamp of date when booking was made in the supplier local time
updated shows whether or not the booking as been updated
prices node of prices agreed upon for the booking – refer to prices node definition
pax total number of passengers booked
currency_symbol Supplier currency symbol (used for display purposes)
currency_seperator The currency seperator
currency_decimal The number of decimal places the currency supports
currency_base Supplier base currency
sub_total subtotal of the booking prior to additional line items
first_name Billing info – First name
last_name Billing info – Last name
address_1 Billing info – Address
address_2 Billing info – Address 2 (Optional)
city Billing info – City
stateprov Billing info – State/Province
country Billing info – Country
postal_code Billing info – Postal Code
phone_number Billing info – Phone Number
email_address Billing info – E-mail address
overall_total total cost of booking
overall_paid amount paid to date
trigger_code trigger/coupon code used with this booking; only shown if a trigger code is submitted
payment_method payment method used {eg. PayPal}
status status of payment (numeric code)
status_text status of payment (text version eg. Payment Pending)
checkin_status has the booking been checked in (if yes then value = 1)
ticketing is ticketing supported for this booking
refid is there a refid with the booking

Example request

Search by date


 Search by Order ID


Search by Trans Num


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