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XML API – Request – Commit Booking

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The commit query processes the booking data in order to create a booking. This query should be transferred as secure data using https. Required arguments must be enough to identify an item and the booking details. There are other required/optional arguments depending on the item. The variables sent must be urlencoded.


Parameter Value
transcode CID
i commit

Additional arguments:

Field Name Value
date booking date
book item uid to book for
adult_num number of spots to book for adult
child_num number of spots to book for child
senior_num number of spots to book for seniors
price4_num – price9_num number of spots to book for {price4 – price9}
tour_first_name Billing info – First name
tour_last_name Billing info – Last name
tour_address_1 Billing info – Address
tour_address_2 Billing info – Address 2 (Optional)
tour_city Billing info – City
tour_stateprov Billing info – State/Province
tour_country Billing info – Country (ISO two letter code)
tour_postal_code Billing info – Postal Code
tour_phone_number Billing info – Phone Number
tour_email_address Billing info – E-mail address
tour_group [price_option] [x][field] Passenger info for sequential price option passenger (these could be required/optional depending on form field settings for the item) – these fields should not be shown if group is set to hide (in the item info)
tour_group [price_option] [x][forms] [form_field] Form info for sequential price option passenger for form field named form_field (these could be required/optional depending on form field settings for the item) – these are presented to each passenger
tour_forms [form_field] Form info for group (shown only once per booking when the form is set to show=primary)
payment_method One of the payment methods supported by the supplier. This list is provided in the Get Company API request.
tour_card_token If the payment is via credit card, this is the token returned from the Rezgo payment server. This value is generated using a Rezgo processing server API. (please contact Rezgo directly for details regarding this call).
agree_terms this must be set to 1 to confirm that the user has agreed to the terms

Field Definition

Field Name Value
status success = 1; failed = 0
message the status of the booking
trans_num transaction reference number
error reason for the error if the status is 0
warning warning message if status is 1
txid the transaction ID
analytics_convert HTML/Javascript code for booking conversion tracking (or transaction analytics) (returned only if set in backend)

Example request

This is an example commit request.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
			<adult num="1">
			<adult num="2">
			<child num="1">
		<tour_address_1>123 Elm Street</tour_address_1>
		<tour_address_2>Suite 456</tour_address_2>
		<tour_city>Grand Rapids</tour_city>

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